Sunday, 18 October 2015

Birthday Surprises!

Hey guys!
Today i thought id show you what i had for my birthday (6th October) it was a while ago i know. This is not me bragging in anyway personally i like looking at what people have had for their birthday etc (besides i bought most of the clothes) but yeah if you don't like it don't read,i hope you enjoy.
I just want to point out I have the BEST family and friends in the world and i love them for that.
        One of my favourite things is from my best friends they got me such a thoughtful gift and it literally made me cry.They had organised to get me a Pandora ring not only that but they made it my dads birthstone (for personal reasons) and it is the most gorgeous ring ever it has a silver band and an amethyst deep purple stone in the middle.
     The next thing was off my boyfriend,he gave me a silver locket with flower engraving i believe it is from Warren James.I absolutely love it so much and i am very thankful from therthought that also went into it.
On to clothing,the majority of things i have bought it from primark ill say if otherwise.

Gray high neck shift dress

This long sleeved thin woollen midi dress looks amazing with thick tights and chelsea boots. This truly is the perfect autumn/winter dress. it is super cosy and a 'lounging around' item but still looks like you've made an effort! i adore shift dresses at this time of year and they look gorgeous on any body type.

                                            Navy,white and grey flannel shirt      
Primark have loads of new shirts in this season.A flannel shirt is a must for my autumn essentials, for a casual look i like pairing it with black skinnies and white converse. i recommend getting a size bigger as it sits nicer on your figure.

  Lately,ive really been getting into wearing blouses
and when i found this i fell in love! The collar and 'tail' of the blouse are stitched on to the jumper so you dont have the bulkiness of the whole thing being stuffed under-neath the jumper plus the material of the jumper is sooo soft  Lovely for formal wear with black disco pant
                                                   Mustard knit jumper

              A basic knitted jumper with slits on the sides great for just chucking on with leggings whether your staying in for a cosy day or going out shopping with your friends this can be warn with anything basically!

   maroon/wine oversized jumper
This is also an essencial for me in the colder months to just chuck on with leggings and boots,i actually think i bought this in the biggest size so its basically a dress on me,it has a zip on the side as well as a slit on the other for extra detail.

Thanks for reading speak to you soon, BellaB x

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