Sunday, 1 November 2015

Real Techniques Bold metals Brushes REVIEW

Hey guys,
Today I have a review of Bold metals make-up brushes,sorry I left it so late they took ages to come but yeah lets just get into it.

     The bold metals are known as the real techniques luxury range meaning they are more expensive than the original line. I believe they cost around the same price range as Mac brushes.

                                                          100-Arched powder brush

     It is quite a domed brush but it also comes up into a nice point due to the different bristle lengths and may i say all of the packaging (handles) are fricking gorgeous.It can be used for setting powders and contour. This is probably my favourite because it is the softest and                                                                        biggest one.

                                                          300- tapered blush brush

                                      Rose gold handle = love. I used this for contour as
its tapered perfect to fit in the hollows of my cheeks im sure itll be a very good blush brush too!

                                                      101-Triangle Foundation brush

      I did not use this to apply my foundation but im sure it is very good to get in the spaces because         of the triangular shape i personally think that ill use this the least but it is still an awesome brush.

                                                             301-flat contour brush

     This is great for a precise contour to really define your cheek bones for a strong bold look! i used it for my high light due to the skinny but flat top you can really control the product that goes on.

                                                          201- pointed crease brush

This is good for smudging your Kohl pencil and putting eye shadow on your bottom lashes for a great smoky look. The thing i like about these brushes they all have white bristles which shows how much                                                                    product you have.
                                     (even though i hated ruining the perfectness of them)

Overall,i highly recommend spending the extra money on these because they are truly the best                                                                              brushes i own!
                           Thank you for reading my review i hope i helped in some way!
                                                               speak to you soon,
                                                                      Bella B x


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