Friday, 18 September 2015

Mac-Amber lights eyeshadow review

*DISCLAIMER*Hey guys! sorry i haven't posted in a while being back to school then getting ill made me completely forget about this sorry! (again).

Today i thought i would do a little review on my first mac product (mac virginity lost) and say what i think about it (duh).
I got this product a few months ago actually when i went to London and thought it was about time i got some Mac in my collection,i had been wanting this eyeshadow since last year (thanks to zoellas autumn look 2014) as i love doing a gold eyes and berry lip this was the perfect colour for the desired look.
 Mac is well known for there shadows and i believe amber lights it a very popular colour. i found it extremely pigmented and is a beautiful colour on the eyes (especially blue!) it lasts all day/night and can be pulled off as a daily look! it is how ever on the pricier side for a single shadow (for a teenager) but is totally worth it i highly recommend mac eyeshadows to any body looking for this kind of thing :D

i know this is kinda rubbish but being my first review it is expected! if you like this kinda thing be sure to leave a comment or message me ideas of products!
                                                             ill speak to you soon,
                                                                     Bella B x


  1. I love this shade so much, it's so pretty. I really want some Mac eye shadows!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. Thanks for the review. Nice shade♥♥