Monday, 31 August 2015

Back to school-how to deal with it

      Its that time of the year again (where I live anyway) where everyone is getting ready to go back to school whether it be going up to secondary or it being your 4th year there,like mine.Going back to school can be the most exciting or nervous time of the year for me i'm not EXACTLY looking forward to it as i'm starting my course work and GCSE's exciting I know...but I wanted to give you some 'tips' or 'advice' to get you through your first day/week/month etc.

1) Plan ahead : Nobody wants to get lost on there first day of school,arrange to meet up with a friend before class or there's nothing wrong with asking for help,I remember when I started year 7 I felt as if my heart was going to jump out of me and no way was I planning to go up to the yea
r 11's to ask for help but being one of the oldest in school now I feel the newbies pain,so just ask a moderately nice person for directions. (if all else fails go to a teacher)

2) Stationary : Personally I love buying new pens,pencils,rulers,rubbers I could spend forever looking at all the cool animal rubbers but not many people get excited to buy a new pen so just go in your local shop/store and they should have the packs that come with everything and you wont have to be the one who gets shouted at on the first day for not having the right equipment. (ps hide it from all humans you'll never get that pen back you leant to bob)

3)Get ready the night before : I NEVER do this but you should,lay out your uniform and pack your bag so the next day you don't have to have a screaming contest with your mum because you lost your new shirt.

4) P.E (gym/fitness) : This is not so much for the first day because you will probably not bring your kit (I don't) but make sure you have some sort of deodorant and face wipes these will be your saviours for your whole time there,and gum,but no one wants to be the one sitting next to a sweaty person in math class so just spritz,wipe and go.

5) Take notes of EVERYTHING said : This is pretty self explanatory,if you don't write it down you'll forget and get in trouble.

6) Do things one at a time: Don't be worrying about your upcoming class.You need to focus on meeting your new teacher, taking notes, listening to rules, etc. Daydreaming on the first day of school is a terrible,wrong idea and will probably give your new teacher a bad first impression.

                              I hoped this helped in some way thank you for reading,
                                                              Bella B x

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