Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Getting started

As this is my first blog post I thought i should tell you a little bit about my self;
 I am british,I have a passion for writing and drawing,I read a lot and I aspire to be like zoella and many other bloggers.

My aim,as such,is to share my thoughts whether it be about fashion,beauty or other things that may be on my mind. I have contemplated making a blog for what seems like forever but after a long....long time thinking i thought i might as well give it a shot,hoping one day in the near future i can join in the 'youtube family' and make videos to share,That is if this goes well. I was thinking i could post weekly (maybe more as it goes along) but i would love feedback if you do read my blog and any suggestions of things you think i should talk or would like me to talk about :) 

                                 Thank you for reading and i will speak to you soon,
                                                                Bella B x

Also check out my twitter @beynon261 :)

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