Sunday, 24 April 2016

2016: The year so far...

Hey guys,
Wow its been over a month since i've posted on here! I'm really sorry about that i've just been really busy with exam revision and stuff but I thought id do a life update on here, i'm not sure if any of you would actually like to know about my life but oh well if you don't I wont make it a regular thing.
So as it is has nearly been half a year since 2016 begun (it has flown by personally) I thought I would do just other stuff has happened since the beginning of the year and what's coming up for me :)

My 2016 so far...
 . Well to start off I was doing weekly posts on here which I am still trying to do between school
 . I have my first exam May 16th (sociology) for my GCSE which I am dreading but trying my best to revise,If you have any tips id be really grateful! (I may also do a post about how to stay calm and revise for exams soon?)
. I recently got discharged from my Therapy clinic which I am extremely happy about
 . Also on May 16th i'm getting my braces off after 2 1/2 years of having them
 . I auditioned for a role in my school summer production (We Will Rock You) and got the role I wanted!
 . Begun DofE then stopped doing it as I didn't enjoy or have the time to be committed to it (shall I do a post on my experience?)

Things i am planning to do for the rest of the year...
 . Pass all 5 of my exams so I can focus on my other subjects
 . Have the most AMAZING SUMMER EVER.
 . Actually try and eat healthy and get fit (TRY...)
 . Try and make some new friends

Thank you for reading and I hope your all having a lovely day. If you would like an updated one in a few months/end of the year comment down below and be sure to check out my other posts!

                                                          Ill speak to you all soon,
                                                                      Bella B x

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